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ECM Weekly (5th December 2021) - Weibo, Asymchem, Grab, Yonghe, Gushengtang, Siam Makro, SF Intra

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  • Aequitas Research puts out a weekly update on the deals that have been covered by the team recently along with updates for upcoming IPOs.
  • Hong Kong ECM took yet another hit with China Tourism Group deciding to delay its H-Share listing citing poor market condition
  • On 2nd Dec 2021, SEC issued the final amendments for implementation of HFCAA which will China ADRs going forward. 

Aequitas Research puts out a weekly update on the deals that have been covered by the team recently along with updates for upcoming IPOs.

Events next week:

Hong Kong ECM took yet another hit with China Tourism Group Duty Free Corp Ltd (601888 CH) deciding to delay its H-Share listing citing poor market condition; share price has traded down significantly since its peak in January this year. That said, others have mustered on. Asymchem Laboratories (002821 CH) and Weibo Corp (WB US) will be listing this coming Wednesday and Friday.

Aside from A/H and secondary listings, Yonghe Medical Group (2279 HK), Gushengtang (GUS HK), and SF Intra-City (9699 HK) launched their bookbuilds this week and they are all raising less than what was reported earlier; signs of a weak sentiment. We also initiated on Qingci Games (QCG HK) which received approval for its US$150m IPO last week.

U.S. listings were in focus this week as well. It started with an article, reported by Bloomberg, saying that China was looking to close loophole used by tech firms for foreign IPOs. It was swiftly dispelled by CSRC. Then on Thursday, 2nd December, SEC issued the final amendments for implementation of HFCAA. We look at the details and potential trades coming out of this new update.

Then there was also the disastrous debut of Grab (GRAB US) which isn't exactly a surprise given its incredibly expensive valuation and upcoming lock-up expiry.

In India, Star Health (7584769Z IN)'s IPO failed to garner enough demand even after getting an extension of the bookbuild period. The company has since then cut the size of its IPO to ensure the deal gets done. RateGain's launched its IPO and it will open its anchor books for a day on 6th December and the IPO bookbuild is scheduled to be from 7th to 9th December.

In Japan, Net Protections (7383 JP) closed its IPO bookbuild this week and will be looking to debut on 15th December. We shared our thoughts on valuation in:

In Indonesia, Cisarua Mountain Dairy (1939092D IJ) (Cimory) and PT Avia Avian (AVIA IJ) will be debuting on this coming Monday and Tuesday, respectively. They will be the last two large IPOs to list in Indonesia this year.

It is also a busy week in the placement space. Siam Makro Public (MAKRO TB) reduced its deal size by more than half to US$1.8bn and fixed the deal price at THB43.50, about 4% discount from Thursday's close price.  

Tearsheets for the week:

Accuracy Rate:

Our overall accuracy rate is 73.8% for IPOs and 67.9% for Placements 

(Performance measurement criteria is explained at the end of the note)

New IPO filings this week

  • Betta Pharmaceuticals (Hong Kong, US$800m, refiled)
  • Neusoft Medical Systems (Hong Kong, US$400m, refiled)

News on Upcoming IPOs

Hong Kong/China

US/China ADR



Analysis on Upcoming IPOs

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